Miss Accessori

Since many years the aim of Miss Accessori is to sell made in Italy items directly to the final consumer under its own brands “Nevada”,young and trendy and “Zighilli”, classy and elegant Both brands have their own strong personality. 



Elegance, Fashion, Refinement: These are the main features of each Zighilli item. Zighilli accessories stand out for the preciousness of the yarns that are used and the way they are skillfully woven. The collection is constantly evolving giving the customer the possibility to find new expressions of fashion and trends. 

Zighilli: Italian way to make scarves.



The brand Nevada is targeting a younger audience. It is dedicated to those who put colour in everything they do. Nevada is the creation of special weaves and designs that are studied in detail following the latest trends in fashion. The style is unique and recognizable. Nevada is an explosion of colours, passion and fantasy: scarves, gloves, shawls, hats, capes are the expression of the passion we put into our work.


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