Miss Accessories continues the previous thirty years experience of family Meoni-Belli in the production of scarves, shawls, hats, gloves and ponchos. The company manages over the years to follow the changes in the market by continuing its evolution. It is thanks to a number of investments and changes that Miss accessories has been able to place itself vigorously and competitive in the international markets.


Miss Accessori is Made in Italy: each scarf, glove, hat or poncho that comes from the production lines of Miss Accessories is entirely Italian, from the idea to the finished product. All Miss Accessori products stand out for the care in the study of the colours and for the development of accurate designs and the use of precious yarns . The interpretation of the new trends is personal and non- conventional , in fact our collections are always recognizable among the others. This is why Miss Accessori brands excel on the Market. Miss Accessori items apply both to the domestic and the international markets where the made in Italy is well appreciated.

Quality in production

Over the years Miss Accessories has paid particular attention to the quality of the products. Therefore an advanced computer system has been set up in order to carefully check the prduction at every stage. Most of the Items Miss Accessori has in collection posses quality certifications given by international authorities such as Oeko-Tex and Woolmark.

Etics and respect for the envirement

It is due to the special care given to the final product that Miss Accessories has been chosen as a partner by leading international fashion companies. Audits conducted by world wide leading companies such as Intertek and Sgs have certified how Miss Accessori meets all quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards . Miss Accessori is also a member of SEDEX meaning that etical and safty standard are continously monitored. Miss accessories is also very sensitive to environmental issues: it has invested on solar energy as the only source of energy for its production lines and has great attention to waste recycling business.




Made in Italy

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